We Provide Exceptional Boiler Maintenance And Repair Along With Central Plumbing And Heating Services to Bexley Local Residents

boiler installation bexley

We have extensive experience in boiler system updates and installations. We also make sure your home is clean and protected, making sure our customers won’t be left with anything to do on completion of the job.

For the past 20 years, our family business has earned a stellar reputation among our domestic and commercial clients; we are trusted for our honesty, integrity, and for our ability in repairing problems efficiently regardless of the problem’s origin.

Our services are offered at highly competitive prices while we guarantee the completion of all our work to the highest industry standards. You will never be disappointed with our excellent customer service which we take pride in.

Regardless of what you need, choose us as your preferred service provider for both commercial and domestic plumbing requirements. Our team is proud to serve local families at affordable prices.

Gas Boilers

If you have issues with your gas boiler, we can evaluate the problem and determine what repairs are required or whether you need a full replacement with a new boiler that is more energy efficient.

Central Heating

We have extensive expertise in identifying and fixing problems in central heating systems, including the installation of Smart Thermostats for more energy efficiency and to reduce your energy costs.

Domestic Plumbing

PLUMBPRIDE can repair a wide range of domestic plumbing problems including leaky pipes, immersion heaters that do not heating up, and more. Everything down to your kitchen sink!

We employ highly qualified experts with friendly faces!

We know the dangers of letting someone you don’t know into your home. We take pride in the customer care that we provide and how we keep everything clean throughout the process. We want to keep your loved ones warm and safe and keep you happy. We take pride in our workmanship and stellar customer service.

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Keep Warm While Saving Energy Fees In Your Home

Once the weather gets colder, you realize that the energy bill is going to go up because you need to heat your home. It would appear that as soon as you make an effort to save money, things get in the way like trying to keep your family warm. These days you can find plenty of information available on how you can heat your residence whilst taking measures to save on energy. In this article we shall consider some of the methods you can take to stay warm and cut your heating bills.

How energy efficient your house is depends on numerous factors including the type of construction and the age of the home. Older homes will not be quite as energy efficient as a property built within the last ten years. There are some simple checks you could carry out around the house to see where heat might be escaping whilst letting the cold in. You will probably need to seal gaps around doors and windows and change out any single glazed windows that you might have. In addition, if your house does not have sufficient insulation this will need to be remedied to keep the warmth in your home.

Another problem with older homes is that heating boilers and appliances may be displaying the signs of age. If your boiler hasn’t been competently serviced in a long time, you can anticipate a breakdown in the middle of the cold winter. There are occasions when you will need to accept that a boiler demands replacing and although this does mean some expenditure it will make you more energy efficient for years to come. You can have some smaller heaters to heat certain areas when the temperature is not too cold or use them as back ups in case of emergency.

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It is often worth checking to see what subsidies are available to you if your home needs to be more energy efficient. If you undertake a little research, you’re likely to be able to find some financial assistance. If you make some small adjustments here and there, you will find a way to save on energy while still keeping you and your family warm.